Studying in China

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Aspiring students who wish to study in China to leverage on the tremendous professional and commercial opportunities presented by a growing Chinese economy can now do so through our China Education Consulting Services. As a portal to Chinese Universities, we can help students apply to China universities and for a scholarship in China.

In Mar 2018, Singapore Success Stories (SSS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Affiliates of the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE)  to formally represent over 300 Universities and Colleges in China for their recruitment of students. We are the first and only Education Consultant in Singapore to assist students with their application for admissions and scholarships to Chinese Universities.


In the MOU, both parties also pledged to work together to enhance development in the following areas:

  • Joint marketing and recruitment of international students;
  • Support and facilitation of articulation of joint programs with Chinese Universities;
  • Mobility of faculty, scholars and students between institutions;
  • Teacher recruitment & their professional development;
  • Internship and career support for students and graduates;
  • Sharing or creation of educational materials and resources.



For many years, when most people in Southeast Asia think about overseas education, the following destinations come to mind naturally: United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and New Zealand. There are many factors that can be attributed to this observation: the long-standing reputation of some institutions, or the general perception that studying in these countries are better. So why consider getting your education in China?




First and foremost, a degree earned in China can lead to better job prospects at home as China and Southeast Asia forge closer economic ties, especially so with the Belt and Road Initiative that is ongoing ferociously at the moment. This is partly why an estimated 80,000 students from Southeast Asia chose to enrol in Chinese universities in 2016, a 15 per cent increase from 2014, according to the country’s Education Ministry. Now, ASEAN students form the biggest group of foreign students studying in China’s higher education institutes, according to this Channel News Asia report.

Over the years, the total number of international students furthering their education in China has been increasing steadily. Elsewhere, student numbers from the United States, the third largest group, are already seeing a dip.

But the key reason why more students are choosing China is the availability of generous scholarships from the Chinese government awarded as part of the ambitious Belt and Road Initiative – the country’s flagship foreign policy to strengthen trade, social and political links with Southeast Asia. “As part of promoting the initiative, the government has been encouraging more students to come to China to study, so they’ve invested a lot resources.” said Zhou Dong, chairman of the common application platform supported by the CEAIE. “In 2016, the government allocated 50,400 scholarship spots covering tuition, accommodation and monthly living expenses,” he added.

“China is said to have set aside 23 billion yuan (US$3.6 billion) for such scholarships in 2016,” said Lucian Koh, Managing Director of Singapore Success Stories. He estimates that eight to nine out of every ten foreign students in China receive some form of funding from the Chinese government. And this strong monetary support for higher education is definitely much welcomed, as it provides a relief to students who come from families that may not be so well to do. On top of that, the cost of living is also much cheaper than that of many countries. Furthermore, China is now putting more emphasis on its education system, striving to build more and more world-class universities, investing heavily in higher education, and aspiring to be the education role-model globally. As more and more of Chinese universities make their mark on global ranking systems, their academic qualifications awarded are increasingly recognised by countries worldwide. Already ranked 3rd globally as the country of choice to study in for international students, China is positioned to move further up the rankings.

 “We’re neighbours, after all. China is geographically close to ASEAN and most of the countries have cultures and customs which are fundamentally East Asian,” said Zhou, referring to the wide Chinese diaspora and pockets of ethnic Chinese communities in Southeast Asian countries. As such, you can expect a much friendlier and racist-free pleasant study environment when in China, feeling pretty much like a home away from home.

 In an environment where Chinese is the predominant language of communication, there are also many types of courses offered in hundreds of tertiary institutions which are taught in English, extending access to high quality education to a broad spectrum of international students. If you will like to fully leverage on the massive developments from China’s economic initiatives, you can also consider taking programs offered in Chinese. Your proficiency in the Chinese language will experience great improvements as you benefit from the opportunities to practise the language in your daily lives. Considering that Chinese is now the world’s most spoken language, there is certainly significant incentive to pick it up.

 Last but not least, the amount of travelling and exploration you can do in China is boundless because it is geographically vast! And because of that, the variety of climates, cultures, landscapes and architectures you can experience is plain amazing. Thanks to the well-developed and modern transportation infrastructure, it is convenient and affordable to get around in China, making the country a haven for travellers.

To help you with your decision, please refer to the following resources:

Coupled with our expertise in the neighbouring markets and Singapore’s role as the Chair of ASEAN this year, Singapore Success Stories will be bringing the opportunities and benefits of Chinese education to the rest of Asia. Speak to us NOW and begin your exciting education journey with China!