Singapore Success Stories – About Us


Create Successes, one Story after another.



To be most responsible partner in Education that continuously remains relevant in current contexts.




Practise mindful empathy and a relentless attitude in upholding trust


Sustained pursuit of excellence with integrity


To maximise communication and minimise misunderstandings in the most timely fashion, with crystal-class clarity


Sensitive to the heartbeat of global education & the pulse of the industry with a wealth of constructive resources.


Stay true to the fundamentals of education and strive to deliver the most value by ensuring outcomes.

Singapore Success Stories (SSS) is an advocator of academic, personal, career and lifelong success. Through expert counselling, coaching, teaching and relentless follow-up, SSS combines solid Singapore-styled global education philosophies, pedagogies and programs at all levels of the academic spectrum, with continuity and bridging options towards global destinations.

As an expert provider of short term academic and enrichment programs. We specialise in customising programs according to identified needs presented by clients. Our international participants benefit from rigorous programs that not only enhances their academic proficiencies, but they also develop the Singaporean penchant for excellence and efficiency in their endeavours. Combining numerous learning formats and environments, participants experienced transformations that only such unique blended deliveries can effect. Notably, our program was so comprehensive and robust that we have been engaged by a Gulf State Scholarship (GSU) in 2017 to conduct the University Preparatory Program for their scholars. The SSS-GSU program received high accolades from the sovereign fund. SSS also conducts enrichment programs in diverse skill sets during school interims which are great compliments to academic pursuit.

SSS designs, assists and facilitates lifelong education pathways, which can begin from early childhood, foundation education, secondary education, tertiary education, through to career counselling. SSS’s strong connections with the industry in the Asia region means that we are up to speed with industry requirements. It is a modern challenge to prepare learners for work that does not exist in the current time. Students engaging with SSS will find themselves in an advantageous position relative to their peers. With a global network of over 3,000 institutions, SSS possesses the optimal resources to ensure your success.

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