Chinese Language Program



The Chinese And Mandarin Proficiency (CH.A.M.P.) program brings the learner’s subject mastery to a higher level. Under the backdrop of culture and history, with the integration of technology, and a conducive and supporting environment, learners maximise their learning effectiveness in a truly immersive 360° experience.

Cultural Context

The pursuit of Chinese without appropriate contexts is a severely crippled learning experience; significant constituents of Chinese vocabulary were developed through historical moments, culture and religion. With appropriate references to the 5000-year-old Chinese culture in our program, learners will not only master the language as a communication tool but also receive the key that opens up boundless opportunities to their future along the way.

Technology: Autonomous Web-based Learning

Complementing the in-class sessions are web-based learning sessions, which encourages autonomous learning. Research has shown that the learning of language is more effective in short frequent periods. Students can expect to immerse daily in digital content ranging from interesting media to micro projects. These activities are critical to the formative process of positive immersive learning habits that generate lifelong benefits.

Parents: Effective Supervisors and Partners

By engaging learners beyond the classroom, which is critical for mastering Chinese proficiently, we are uniquely different. In addition, recognising the crucial role parents & guardians play in learning, our curriculum specialist compliment students’ lessons with bespoke lessons for supervisors. Hence a family can learn and progress collectively in a fun and interesting manner while grades improve.

We are proud to be a disruptive and innovating educator. Are you ready to join us on this exciting journey?

Create your own success story in Chinese today with CH.A.M.P. by SSS.

Tuition Rates supervised by E³ (Excellent, Effective and Experienced) MOE teacher as follows:

On-demand personalised tuition and coaching is also available. To find out more, call us at +65 6802 5216 or reach us below.