The advocated pre-university pathway to undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Singapore is via the Cambridge “A” level system.

The ‘A’ Level curriculum is aimed at preparing students well for the rapidly changing world of the 21st century. It will emphasize breadth of learning and flexibility.

The breadth of learning, multi-disciplinary learning, and enhancements to students’ capacity to learn independently offers advantage in terms of adaptability to evolving situations, the ability to draw insights from diverse fields and to think on their feet.


More Breadth, More Options

You will get a multi-disciplinary grounding in your ‘A’ level years, which is essential in a knowledge-based economy. To acquire this, you will undertake Project Work, and study at least one subject outside your area of specialisation, i.e. a contrasting subject. Subjects have also been redesigned and pitched at three levels of study, so you have more combinations to choose from in your subject selection.

More Focus on Thinking and Communication Skills

You will be encouraged to think critically and innovatively. You will also be able to develop your communication skills. To provide more room for these skills, content in the academic curriculum has been reduced by 10 to 15 percent compared to the pre-2006 curriculum.

A Holistic Education

You will have more opportunities in the non-academic curriculum to engage in activities that will help you cultivate important qualities such as initiative and leadership skills, as well as strength of character.

Your involvement in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), the Community Involvement Programme (CIP) and other out-of-curriculum pursuits will matter. All will be described in a single ‘A’ level certificate, known as the School Graduation Certificate, along with your academic grades. They will also be considered by our universities under their special admission schemes.